Saturday, 23 February 2013

All the fun of having an online profile

At least once a week I'll get a message from a Dom who either can't read or refuses to bother. This arrived unsolicited just yesterday:

DesperateDom 52M: send a pic to my phone 07758******. follow instruction there after.

Now, normally I just ignore this kind of thing but I was feeling bored. On checking said Dom profile, which honestly even opens with the line "I am extremely Dom and am looking for a new sub" and has some pretty corny poetry about how wonderful he is, I confirm my suspiscions that this is the Greater Spotted DomlyDom in its natural habitat. A quick google of the mobile number shows up the GumTree ads for his book club but not much more.

The temptation is too great.

LeopardLady: Does this usually work? Or do you win them over with the poetry? Do you even bother to read profiles I wonder?
DesperateDom: Actually, I do read profiles. And, sometimes it works. Obviously not with you!
LeopardLady: So I can presume that you think you are a sub then?
DesperateDom: lol. Do you find these corny jokes online, like the rest of your knowledge?

I am left wondering where the corny joke is in my response. If anyone else sees it let me know.

LeopardLady: Well, if you actually read profiles and you decided to send a message to me then I must presume that you are looking for a Mistress, no?

DesperateDom: Apart from the fact that what you have said is insolent and a futile attempt to provoke me.Your profile shows you to be a woman suffering from a delusional and idealistic persona.
Now to be fair I don't exactly go into the everyday reality of life in my profile, such as needing to change the kitty litter every now and then, or the fact that myself and my boy actually share responsibility for the weekly shopping, it is pretty much accurate regarding who I am, what I'm looking for and is based on real experiences up to this point. His, in addition to the awful poetry about how wonderful he is, has a photo of someone's supposedly used panties which he promises are from a sub who was in his stocks. Why he didn't take a photo of the sub in the stocks is not elaborated on...
LeopardLady: I'm not the one having to resort to randomly messaging people on the internet. You opened the discussion so you must be the one looking for something. At least you'll have the book club to fall back on when nobody takes you up on your "offer".
DesperateDom: I never randomly message anyone. YOU should know this!
LeopardLady: Ok, you methodically message every female you can find online the local area in the hope that one of them falls for your "I AM A DOM. DO AS I SAY!" routine. It's not random at all.
DesperateDom: What have I said about futility! Already we both know that YOU need ME in your life!
LeopardLady: I have no trouble believing you are in need of something.

Sadly at this point it becomes quite obvious that there's not even going to be good sport in this one. He resorts to the quite stereotypical stance of "just insult the other person and hope they'll go away" that marks out the Greater Spotted DomlyDom in its least impressive form

DesperateDom: Pathetic! Speak when you actually can contribute to a conversation!
Now I remember why I usually don't even bother. The minor amount of fun it is toying with them is greatly outweighed by the disappointment that they can't actually form a proper retort.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Festival of the Erotic Arts...supposedly

I rather wondered off and orphaned this poor little blog. Sorry about that. I've had quite a busy year and somehow managed to completely forget that I had started writing this. I suppose I should be having a word with my naughty boy who forgot to remind me that I had started this...

So what have I been up to? The short version would be getting to know my boy better, exploring a bit of fun with someone else, getting out to more events and making some adaptations to Leopard Towers. I shall perhaps come back to some more details in that story, but that's the overall picture.

We popped up to Edinburgh a few times over the last year for the Festival of the Erotic Arts and for two different Torture Garden nights. Taking the Torture Garden nights first I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the more laid back atmosphere compared to the London clubs and it seems that my kinsmen (yes, I'm originally fae Scotland) know how to dress to impress. There are 3 dates listed for 2013 and I think I have just found a new excuse to go visit some relatives!

As for the Festival? Sadly I bought a VIP ticket and have to say that I wish there were refunds available. Having to stand holding my coat at a burlesque show on the opening night would not have been so bad if the acts weren't just yet another borderline anorexic goth girl after another taking off clothes. There was no imagination or enthusiasm. The rest of the shows were just as bad and just as overcrowded. The fetish market was in the basement of a grotty pub and consisted of  a handful of tables selling ummm... cupcakes and jewelry. There were some cheap stockings stuffed in a box and some cheap corsets on a rail too so perhaps I'm being too harsh. No toys, no restraints, none of the latex makers booked for the fashion show at TG. Never mind, I thought, there's always the rope workshop we've signed up for! That in combination with the Torture Garden entry will make up the price of the VIP ticket.... The workshop was given in a cold gallery using cheap rope that was falling apart the second it left the box and ended up being cancelled half way through without the offer of a refund! Apparently the studio was "double booked" without any evidence of there being another group waiting to come in.... We were told we could reschedule individually with the "rope master" but definitely couldn't have our money back. Given that said individual had little say in the matter and was just about to become a new dad it wasn't exactly fair of the organisers to put the onus on him to make good their mistake.

The festival was a huge waste of time and money. It's on again this year but I think I'll stick to getting a ticket for TG only.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Roses are red

Many thanks to wonderful "T" for the 2 dozen red roses. You are a very special boy indeed.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Book review - The Dominant Wives

The Dominant Wives - Eric Stanton
For those who do not know, Eric Stanton drew comics for Irving Klaw and many of his images are iconic examples of the early days of fetish illustration. Amusing, he cared little for the content, but was an excellent artist and portrayed it well.

In this anthology of his most popular works there is a recurring theme of misogynist husband does something to upset wife who proceeds to put him over her knee or invite her friend round to do similar, but repetition isn't always a bad thing! I can't quite figure out why a book going with Dominant Wives for a title would decide to open with Bound in Leather (a tale of submissive females and male dominant partners) but I do have to admit it is one of my favourites of Stanton's work.

For a little piece of history plus some amusing illustrations and plot-lines you could do worse than to get yourself a copy of this book.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Book review - Courting Her

Courting Her by Gregory Allen

“...if her eyes had him captured, her smile enslaved him...” 
"Even during their first encounter, the sexy coed Kimberly has Alex wrapped around her little finger. As one date leads to the next, he’s so smitten with the lovely female that he barely notices her dominant command of their budding relationship. However, when he carelessly puts his feet on the coffee table and fails to remove them when she asks, he gets his rude wake-up call!"
 Since the launch of Kindle there has been a massive surge in easily available e-books dealing with female dominance and erotica. Courting Her is an interesting tale of college girl meets professional boy and from day one has him under her spell. A good read for anyone into tease and denial without all the gory details that much erotica seems to descend into. This one is aimed at both men and women and is told from both character's point of view at times.

A little repetitive in activities, but nonetheless one of the better written FemDom erotic novels I've read in a while.

To buy a copy click here (£4.90 at time of writing)

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sunday morning

Posting from the breakfast table today as my morning cup of tea (lovingly served by my boy of course) is accompanied by wave after wave of MAMILs. Courtesy of charity races and trendy exercising these Middle Aged Men In Lycra are publicly flouting standards of decency and indeed good fashion sense! There are of course some hotties with bodies like Adonis, but sadly more portly gents testing the stretching limit of the fabrics.

Hopefully the visuals improve as we go along today.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Everyday dominance

So, it happened again. I went out to dinner last night with some work colleagues to a nice restaurant. Well, I'll call it "nice" as it became rather amusing a few of us to play critic with the service and believe me, there was a lot to criticise! But that's beside the point. It worked out that all my dinner companions were male as the other women decided not to come along. Throughout the entire evening the guys deferred to me for everything from choosing the wines to which bar we'd go to afterwards. We are the same ages and same level within our workplace. The waiting staff at the restaurant also kept turning to me for orders and instruction even though the gentleman who booked the table in his name had made himself known when we arrived. I kept trying to give him the host role back, but it simply didn't seem to stick. He at least was mildly amused and commented himself that I must be the better man! I was very honestly not trying to be in charge.

I wonder if this happens to many women who are dominant in their private relationships? Does it just sort of spill over into the everyday activity of life?