Monday, 14 May 2012

Book review - Courting Her

Courting Her by Gregory Allen

“...if her eyes had him captured, her smile enslaved him...” 
"Even during their first encounter, the sexy coed Kimberly has Alex wrapped around her little finger. As one date leads to the next, he’s so smitten with the lovely female that he barely notices her dominant command of their budding relationship. However, when he carelessly puts his feet on the coffee table and fails to remove them when she asks, he gets his rude wake-up call!"
 Since the launch of Kindle there has been a massive surge in easily available e-books dealing with female dominance and erotica. Courting Her is an interesting tale of college girl meets professional boy and from day one has him under her spell. A good read for anyone into tease and denial without all the gory details that much erotica seems to descend into. This one is aimed at both men and women and is told from both character's point of view at times.

A little repetitive in activities, but nonetheless one of the better written FemDom erotic novels I've read in a while.

To buy a copy click here (£4.90 at time of writing)

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