Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Festival of the Erotic Arts...supposedly

I rather wondered off and orphaned this poor little blog. Sorry about that. I've had quite a busy year and somehow managed to completely forget that I had started writing this. I suppose I should be having a word with my naughty boy who forgot to remind me that I had started this...

So what have I been up to? The short version would be getting to know my boy better, exploring a bit of fun with someone else, getting out to more events and making some adaptations to Leopard Towers. I shall perhaps come back to some more details in that story, but that's the overall picture.

We popped up to Edinburgh a few times over the last year for the Festival of the Erotic Arts and for two different Torture Garden nights. Taking the Torture Garden nights first I have to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the more laid back atmosphere compared to the London clubs and it seems that my kinsmen (yes, I'm originally fae Scotland) know how to dress to impress. There are 3 dates listed for 2013 and I think I have just found a new excuse to go visit some relatives!

As for the Festival? Sadly I bought a VIP ticket and have to say that I wish there were refunds available. Having to stand holding my coat at a burlesque show on the opening night would not have been so bad if the acts weren't just yet another borderline anorexic goth girl after another taking off clothes. There was no imagination or enthusiasm. The rest of the shows were just as bad and just as overcrowded. The fetish market was in the basement of a grotty pub and consisted of  a handful of tables selling ummm... cupcakes and jewelry. There were some cheap stockings stuffed in a box and some cheap corsets on a rail too so perhaps I'm being too harsh. No toys, no restraints, none of the latex makers booked for the fashion show at TG. Never mind, I thought, there's always the rope workshop we've signed up for! That in combination with the Torture Garden entry will make up the price of the VIP ticket.... The workshop was given in a cold gallery using cheap rope that was falling apart the second it left the box and ended up being cancelled half way through without the offer of a refund! Apparently the studio was "double booked" without any evidence of there being another group waiting to come in.... We were told we could reschedule individually with the "rope master" but definitely couldn't have our money back. Given that said individual had little say in the matter and was just about to become a new dad it wasn't exactly fair of the organisers to put the onus on him to make good their mistake.

The festival was a huge waste of time and money. It's on again this year but I think I'll stick to getting a ticket for TG only.

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