Saturday, 10 September 2011

Everyday dominance

So, it happened again. I went out to dinner last night with some work colleagues to a nice restaurant. Well, I'll call it "nice" as it became rather amusing a few of us to play critic with the service and believe me, there was a lot to criticise! But that's beside the point. It worked out that all my dinner companions were male as the other women decided not to come along. Throughout the entire evening the guys deferred to me for everything from choosing the wines to which bar we'd go to afterwards. We are the same ages and same level within our workplace. The waiting staff at the restaurant also kept turning to me for orders and instruction even though the gentleman who booked the table in his name had made himself known when we arrived. I kept trying to give him the host role back, but it simply didn't seem to stick. He at least was mildly amused and commented himself that I must be the better man! I was very honestly not trying to be in charge.

I wonder if this happens to many women who are dominant in their private relationships? Does it just sort of spill over into the everyday activity of life?

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